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Old 04-16-2012, 03:39 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

But Scami has been a horrible character always. She went from being an age appropriate spoiled brat to an almost middle aged mean spirited, not a good mother, selfish spoiled brat. Scami has always been a one trick character.

EJ does deserve an adult woman.

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Old 04-16-2012, 04:51 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

Originally Posted by stephaniehp View Post
Sami is a horrible character right now. She uses different men to pay her rent, keep her out of jail, etc.. She dumps her kids with grandma every chance she gets. She screams and gets violent at a moments notice. She needs to go on a slow boat away from Salem.

I say let Lucas, EJ, and Rafe all have Sami-free SLs for a change.
^ THIS!!

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Old 04-17-2012, 12:58 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

Roseydays, Stephanie and JP I agree with you - I love EJole - I truly feel they are made for eachother but TPTB will never put them together for long and the back and forth of this couple is so frustrating for me. I never saw the EJami appeal I truly hate what EJ becomes when he is with Sami and these days I can't stand Sami so much I would rather she not be with Lucas either. Honestly I do think EJ, Lucas and yes even Rafe are better off without her -I am tired of the character and the nonsense that goes along with it.
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Old 04-17-2012, 06:07 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

Week of April 23:

Monday April 23:
EJ tells Nicole he's determined to win her back. Nicole calls him delusional but she can't help but feel for him.
Nicole is tempted by EJ. She agrees to start a new life with him only if he moves away from Salem.
Rafe is once again interrupted before he can tell Carrie that Nicole's baby is not his.
Sami drops the bomb that she's the new CEO of CW.
Austin confronts Carrie, knowing she has feelings for Rafe still. Carrie can't deny it.
Carrie's mind wanders to Rafe when making love to Austin.
Kate accepts Ian's offer to work with Madi.
Ian buys Kate a whole new wardrobe.
Kate learns of Lexi's illness and rushes to Stefano's side.
Lucas warns Sami about Kate and Madi working together.
Autumn breaks up with Lucas.
Lexi's specialist has bad news.

Tuesday April 24:
Kate breaks the news of Lexi's illness to Stefano and holds on to Kate for support.
Stefano learns that Lexi's illness could be due to being held captivity in the underground tunnels which contain toxic gases.
EJ agrees to leave Salem with Nicole but she can see his heart isn't in it and rescinds her offer.
Nicole has a sharp pain in her abdomen.
Sami offers Lucas a job.
The code in the coin is cracked to reveal the name Yvette. They're missing half the coin.

Wednesday April 25:
Stefano is consumed with grief, knowing he allowed Andre to run amok.
Nicole gets treatment at the hospital. EJ is prevented from seeing her but Rafe is allowed in her room.
EJ threatens Stefano.
Abe vows to kill Stefano after learning about the toxic gases.
Nicole is given a sedative and dreams of a future with her baby and EJ at her side, but the dream transforms EJ into Rafe.
Nicole realizes she has feelings for Rafe.
Gabi learns Chad is taking Mel out of town for the weekend so comes up with a scheme to keep them in town.
Celeste does a reading for Abigail and is upset by what she sees. She warns Cameron to stay clear.

Thursday April 26:
EJ overhears Stefano ordering tests on the tunnel under the mansion. He's furious that Stefano could be responsible for Lexi's tumor.
EJ confronts Stefano about rigging the election and removing pension funds.
Stefano comes close to showing EJ his birth certificate.
Carrie's crushed by Rafe's pledge to commit to Nicole and 'their' baby.
Nicole tells Carrie she knows she and Rafe were close but she needs Rafe now.
Mel and Chad put their trip on hold after learning about Gabi's stalker.
Abigail has suspicions about Gabi's timing.
Brady tries to lift Madi's spirits by focusing on their wedding.

Friday April 27:
There's a hint of romance when Sami and Lucas enjoy a family day. They kiss.
Billie and EJ continue their cat and mouse game.
Bo returns from the hospital. He learns about the trip to Alamainia and that John and Hope didn't get a divorce.
Everyone is devastated by Lexi's illness.
EJ threatens that he had better see the coin or they'll lose someone they love.
Bo and Hope decide to send Ciara somewhere safe.
Bo and Hope start to make love, oblivious that someone's watching outside.
Marlena and John are attacked.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers. (New.)

Taking the blame.

Rafe tries to come clean to Carrie. Once again, they are interrupted by Sami and Austin. After some bickering, Carrie admits to Austin that she still has feelings for Rafe but will get rid of them. Her husband has sex with her to try and make her forget the other man. That fails. Meanwhile, Sami bumps into Lucas, who is moping about losing his job. His fiancee calls and dumps him. That starts giving Sami ideas and she offers him a position under her and against his mom. That makes him uncomfortable, but realizing that his mother has her heart set on destroying Sami, he decides to accept the proposition for her sake. They hang out with the kids and wind up getting romantic.

EJ’s determined to win Nicole back and uses the sob story his life has turned into in a bid to get her sympathy. She agrees to let him come up to her room where she admits that he’s tempting her and she’s willing to take him back… if they can move away. When he claims they could be a supercouple in Salem, she turns him down. All of the stress starts to overwhelm her. When she’s alone, she collapses. She’s taken to the hospital. Elvis tries to see her but she won’t let him in. Rafe stays by her side and she dreams of them sharing a future together. She is discharged when her tests come back with good results. Nicole runs into Carrie and tells her about her relationship with Rafe. Carrie is crushed.

Kate is not happy with Ian for making her Mad World Co-CEO with Madison. She accepts the offer anyway. After he buys her some new clothes, she bumps into Cameron, who tips her off about Lexi’s brain tumor. She runs off to tell Stefano since no one else has bothered to. He’s in denial at first. He races over to the hospital where it has been confirmed by experts that Lexi only has a few weeks to live. He begins to blame himself. Abe blames him too after hearing that Lexi was exposed to noxious gases by Andre when her father had her abducted. Stefano heads home to weep and Abe vows to kill him. Elvis hears of this and confronts his father about it and everything else that’s been going on. They start really communicating for once. Stefano is about to tell him that he is not his real father when they are interrupted.

While Stefano is distracted, Bo, John and Hope get to work on the mystery coin. They only have half of the words decoded and discover it says “Yvette.” They’re clueless about what that means. They take Bo home and finally fill him in about the fact that the divorce didn’t happen. When they hear about Lexi’s condition, they wonder if they should take a break from going after Stefano. On cue, he sends them a threatening message demanding his coin and that ends the pause for sympathy. As Bo and Hope head upstairs for post-coma sex, someone spies on them. Across town, John and Marlena are attacked.

Gabi hears that Chad is planning a romantic weekend away with Mel. She tries to prevent it, first by setting up a photoshoot and then by claiming she’s being stalked. Mel and Chad buy this and she even suggests that Gabi move in with Chad so he can keep her safe. Abby smells a rat in this set-up. She’s not sending off the greatest vibes either. Celeste does a tarot card reading for Abby. She does not like what she sees and warns her son to steer clear of her.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 23-27. |
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Old 04-17-2012, 06:13 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

"Stefano learns that Lexi's illness could be due to being held captivity in the underground tunnels which contain toxic gases."

WHVBCJWQDBCBWBCJKCB#C I'm so happy that these writers CONTINUE to bring up unresolved stories from the past. First the Will/EJ shooting, now this! Brovo!
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Old 04-18-2012, 12:03 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

There's a hint of romance when Sami and Lucas enjoy a family day. They kiss.

I just don't get it, why Sami has all these men PLUS is now CEO of CW? Why do they make such a dispicable character come out on top all of the time????

IA, that EJ needs a classy sophisticated woman. Nicole has more class in her little finger than Sami does combined!

I liked Nicole and Rafe way back when, when they were talking/joking around at the Cheatin' Heart but after he did what he did to her, NO to Rafcole!!!
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Old 04-18-2012, 01:52 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

There's a hint of romance when Sami and Lucas enjoy a family day. They kiss.
but yet I'm supposed to believe that rafe is sami's only true love..the love of her life. and it's killing her to lose him...while she makes out with all her ex's...yeah, she's suffering. (insert heavy eye rolling here)
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Old 04-18-2012, 02:46 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

How long before she beds Lucas AND EJ?
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Old 04-18-2012, 03:19 PM
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

A THREESOME! Now THAT would be new for Days! LOL!
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Old 04-18-2012, 09:54 PM
EJami_Fan EJami_Fan is offline
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Default Re: Spoilers wk 4/23

Is anyone sick of Carrie as I am? I am seriously hating her character, I mean has anyone but me noticed that every single time Carrie comes back into the picture Sami starts her bad girl ways, but this time I don't blame Sami for anything, I blame it all on Carrie and Rafe, those two make me sick, I am so glad she is leaving the show, and we don't get Crafe, like a lot of people have hoped, I blame it all on Carrie and Rafe because Rafe and Carrie claim and ALWAYS act like goody goody two-shoes, when in reality they have finally shown their true colors, Yeah sure Sami did wrong by sleeping with EJ, but you have to remember it was grief sex, and a lot of people do crazy things when they are hurting or thinking their child or someone they love is missing, I'm sure I would if I was put in that circumstance. I just wish the writers would stop putting Sami with Lucas, then switching to EJ, then switching to Rafe....etc...Just put her with EJ forever and make us EJami fans happy!, or at least stick her with someone for good and let her be happy, because I can't stand seeing Sami the one always ending up alone with nobody, and I hope they don't put her with Lucas again since his Fiancee is leaving him, I was figured Sami and Rafe could work things out or something, but now I don't really want them to do that, because I am really liking him and Nicole together, I think they make a cute couple, and Nicole seems to really dig Rafe, and Rafe is willing to do whatever it is to help her, which he has, and I like that he has done that for her, he seems to really bring out the good in Nicole and that's a big plus, I wish the writers would listen to our inputs we have on the show for once in their lives, because something tells me once they reveal who's EJ's real father is, they will loose a lot of viewers. (yes I am leaning towards John) but I hope and pray that he isn't EJ's father, anybody else feel like EJ and Stefano need to go on the Maury show?
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