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Old 10-01-2008, 09:22 AM
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Default General Hospital Happenings Two-Spoilers

10/1 Carly misunderstands Jax' intentions but he sets her straight.
Liz attempts to convince Robin to take a leap of faith.
Nik and Nadine make love.

10/2 Robin proposes to Patrick!

10/3 Patrick gives Robin his answer.
Patrick becomes privvy to Kate and Olivia's secret.
(Sonny's full-size deja vu)

-Despite increasing pressure from Sonny for payback,
Jason wants to stick to his own plan.
-Carly observes the widening the gulf between the two men.
-Jason eventually agrees to threaten Karpov at Sonny's behest,
but by then Sonny is thinking he needs his organization back.

-Lucky and Sam get a taste of full-time parenting for
a few days.
-Liz is seriously bummed when Jason is a no show at the airport.
-Jason once again tries to convince her that being with him
is no good for her.

-A guilt ridden Johnny (over Lulu's emotional state) encounters Tracy
and later gets into a tussel with Scott.
-Olivia gets on Sonnys case for not protecting Kate.
-Kate and Olivia share a full grown secret.
-Nikolas and Jax continue to clash over business.
-Ric learns how diabolical Anthony can be.

Coming within the next few weeks...

-Patricks turns Robin down.
-Patrick is keeping a secret from Robin.
-Jason refuses to hand the organization back to Sonny.
-Anthony uses the opportunity to try to slowly "seduce" Sonny,
as well as his brother.
-Ric and Claudia are getting a bit steamy.
-Claudia ticks off Olivia.
-Lucky wonders if Sam has lingering feelings for Jason
Sam assures Lucky that he is the only man she wants.
-Lucky, Jason and Sam will be working together to
expose the counterfeit drug ring.
-Liz and Jason continue to see each other and discover
new uses for paint.
-While with Liz, Jason misses an important message
from Diane regarding Sonny.
-Alexis confronts Sam but Sam keeps mum.
-Lucky helps the two women mend fences.
-Jerry doesn't appreciate being played by Sam.
-Alexis catches on to Jerry's actions when Sam is arrested
and confronts him. She knows he has been working with Karpov.
-Jerry is determined to protect Alexis.
-Jerry and Karpov go face to face.
-When Claudia discovers that Anthony and Ric have set
Karpov up, she informs Sonny. She and Ric have a falling out.
-Sonny lets Claudia in on his scheme to end Anthony's power play.
-Olivia sees Sonny with Claudia and jumps to conclusions.
-Johnny breaks up with Lulu for her own good but Claudia and Nik
have second thoughts after seeing the pain the couple is in.
-Claudia confides in Johnny that she feels safe with Nikolas.
-Nadine begins to wonder about Claudia and Nik.
-Trevor warns Ric not to trust Anthony.
-Robin tries to play peacemaker between two brothers.
-Jax reconsiders the wisdom of remaining in his business partnership with Carly.
-Sam and Lucky speak of love.
-Matt confides in Maxie.
-A jealous Spin wants to make his big move.
-Max is desperate to keep the truth from his father.
-Diane turns Max's Daddy's head. Prepare for comedy!
-Liz is ticked off at Jason but takes it out on
Lucky and Sam.
-Lulu leads Daddy Z and Johnny to combust.
-Olivia rips into Jason.
-Patrick decides Mac is right about his Daddy's shoes.


-We learn Lulu isn't as crazy as she thinks when Luke returns.
-Tracy is harboring a secret.
-Luke has a confrontation with Scott.

Week of October 6th

10/6 Sonny sees Jason's refusal as betrayal.
Johnny discovers Ric and Claudia together.

10/7 Claudia takes quick action to appease her infuriated brother.
A stunned Kate hears the truth a second time, this time from Diane.

10/8 Maximus Giambetti (played by Vincent Pastore of The Sopranos)
shows up and his son, Max, freaks. He has led Daddy to believe
that he is a big crime boss in PC..
Robin confides in Mac.

10/9 Jax is angered when he learns that Carly sold
shares in the hotel to Nikolas.
Unannounced guests pop in on Maxie and Spinelli.

10/10 Patrick is conflicted over keeping Olivia's secret.
Claudia and Olivia = MEOW!
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