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Old 11-08-2013, 12:05 AM
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Default Re: Spoilers for 11.18.13

Originally Posted by LR View Post
National Enquirer

* Shane and Kimberly pay a surprise visit to Theresa.
* Gaby seeks some urgent and important legal advice from Justin.
* Sonny receives some extremely upsetting news.
* A completely devastated Eric is suspended.
* An extremely guilt ridden Jennifer opens up and makes a startling and heartfelt confession to Eric.

Days Spoilers ? Week of November 18th | Rogue EJami...
*rolls eyes* heart felt my.....@ss, she knew Kristen had the affair....yeah so much for miss good two shoes Jennifer. Can somebody for the love of popsicles, just tell this woman how she really is that her oh so called "perfect" act isn't fooling anyone like.........omg........she irritates me more than Brady's WTF face....and more than doctor Dan's bed hoping with patients. And that says A Lot!
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Old 11-08-2013, 05:15 AM
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Default Re: Spoilers for 11.18.13

Originally Posted by Oldie View Post
I DO care about Eric. The man was drugged and didn't know what he was doing and they suspend him for that. How stupid. It would be different if he was a willing participant. And as I said on another thread, Kristen committed a crime in poisoning him and raping him. So why should he get suspended.

As for Jennifer, I really don't care about her.
Oldie, I agree with you about Eric, but the reason I don't care is because I'm so sick of his attitude and anger toward Nicole without giving her an opportunity to defend herself properly. He doesn't deserve his public humiliation, but Kristen sure does. I just want the sl over and get on with something else. LOL
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Old 11-08-2013, 10:02 AM
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Default Re: Spoilers for 11.18.13

Finnally! I still can't believe they sent there trouble maker daughter for everyone else to look after
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